Helpful Hints for Headshots

Your headshots are very important, so you want to be well prepared. Get lots of rest the night before your shoot. Drink lots of water always, but especially the days before and on the day of your shoot. Well hydrated skin will show your best face and hair. Things like salt and alcohol can make your skin look puffy and dull, and lack of rest can cause dark circles.

Practice ~ Find a mirror where you can see your head and shoulders. Focus on your eyes and try different angles and expressions. Look at yourself with confidence, you are beautiful and someone wants your look! Don’t worry about things you can’t change. If one eye is smaller, you will want that eye closer to the camera or mirror. Turn your shoulders, raise and lower your head, maybe add a tilt (not too much), take a deep breath and slowly let it out. Think about which expressions you prefer, and which side of your face. The character you show in your facial features sets you apart!

Hair & Makeup ~ Any special beauty treatments, hair removal or haircuts should be done at least several days prior to the shoot. Hair should typically be worn in your best day to day style so your headshot will best represent your look. Having your hair styled in a different way is okay, as long as it does not draw attention away from your eyes and face. Makeup should be your standard street makeup, simple but well done to draw focus toward your eyes and mouth, the key areas of your face. You may want to bring powder and lipstick for touch-ups.

Clothing ~ Be comfortable! For headshots, the only part of clothing that will show is your top. Solid colors are best and layering is fine, choose a color that complements your skin, hair and/or eyes. Simpler styles are better, as your top should not draw focus. Minimal jewelry is recommended.

Relax and we will have fun!

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